Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Feel free to unconstructively criticize

The only way we improve things is to know what is wrong with them, so if anyone actually reads this blog and feels strongly enough to comment, then the more critisms the better, please. :)


  1. Cool work :)
    Silly question, is it going to stand on its feet or will there be a base, a pedestal..?

  2. Once I cast it out, if he's stable enough to stand on his own, then I won't bother with a pedestal, if it has a tendancy to topple over then I'll probably make a stylized base.

  3. sam if this is actually your work then its looking ace's! not saying that as if i'm suprised just dont know if this is you coz of the name phantazmapants! lol. the face is gettin some nice detail and the overall shape is great. cant really comment on anything else with him just being blocked out but once the detailing starts then then we can really have a good look at him.!!

    keep up the good work!