Sunday, 9 October 2011

A change of media

I need to bolster my portfolio with some digital stuff, because, quite frankly I have become weary of killing myself with chemicals, breathing in toxic dust and scrabbling around on my knees for a living. Therefore I've decided to learn zBrush to an acceptable standard, the future is in this kind of shit so let's jump on board and what better way to begin than with some Boomers. I might even CNC him if he's any good.

So anyway, three hours later, a very crudley blocked out fatty with horrifically mangled hands is born. Taking into consideration this is the first time I've actually sculpted something proper in this program rather than just fucking about pushing spheres around with the move tool and raking lines in them it's not going too badly. My plan is to do an hour minimum every single fucking day of this, even when the day has been rubbish:

(clicky for higher res)

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